"The London Banking Circuit has become our most important recruiting channel for Belgian students. All of our Belgian hires for the past two years have participated in it. LBC is a first round interview. Hence, we invite students who do well during the case study and networking event for the formal interview rounds shortly after."

2015 - 2021 Participating Bank

Yasmine Vega Corrales

2021 participant

The London Banking Circuit is an unparalleled experience for students interested in an investment banking career. During the week of LBC several prominent banks are introduced to the selected students. Aside from the interesting cases, you get the opportunity to meet not only like-minded students but also professionals working within these prominent banks. The connections I made during the LBC were useful to secure several interviews, which translated into several offers at different banks. Currently, I am doing an internship at Morgan Stanley with the wonderful Benelux team whom I met during LBC.

Alexander Verdonck

2015 participant

For any student aspiring a career in Investment Banking in the City, the London Banking Circuit provides a unique and invaluable way to get your application to stand out. It was truly amazing to see the banks put such great effort and time into hosting the participants, which showed their genuine interest in hiring from the LBC talent pool. Following the circuit, many of us got invited for interviews which for me personally resulted in an offer!

Stephen Huang

2021 participant

As my journey into investment banking started quite late in my engineering studies, I had to catch up in terms of knowledge, experience and network. The London Banking Circuit provided the ideal platform to do so. By forming a group of 20 like-minded students all interested in investment banking but from different educational backgrounds, I was given the ideal environment to explore and to thrive. As a result, I have done an internship at Morgan Stanley in London. Thanks to LBC, I was able to fulfil my dream and start my career in investment banking.

Liesbeth De Winne

2017 participant

Participating in the London Banking Circuit is an amazing way to kick-start your career in investment banking or sales & trading. The tour gives you the opportunity to get to know multiple top banks in one week through company presentations, solving cases and networking events.The case workshops organized by these banks are a great way to improve your technical and presentation skills. I highly recommend the LBC to all ambitious students with an interest in investment banking.Thanks to the LBC, I built a network in the industry and ended up with multiple internship offers.

Axelle Decoutere

2018 participant

In 2018, the London Banking Circuit was taken to an even higher level, adding even more of the best banks of the world to its list. You get to meet people working at the banks during this week, sharing their stories, providing you with an opportunity to expand your network. On top of the insights and information you receive, you get the experience through live cases. As a very large share of us got invited to interviews and ended up with (an) offer(s), I truly believe this is the best way in for aspiring, ambitious Belgian students, seeking a career in Investment Banking.

Vincent Van Den Bossche

2016 participant

During each visit, you will get a company presentation and a M&A case in teams of 4 or 5 students. The bankers will coach you and help you with complex financial models to get to the right transaction price and bidding strategy. After the case, you will get the opportunity to enjoy some drinks and get to know the investment bankers in a more informal setting. LBC has helped me to get multiple interviews and I even landed an internship position at one of the Investment Banks.